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The Characters

Gloria is a young playful girl who is always eager to learn new things. Due to her curiosity, she tends to sometimes get into some trouble. But the Sugar Pals are always there to help her out.
He is both a baker and a scientist who excels in both fields. This kind hearted father felt pity for his lonely daughter and sought to help her by creating the Sugar Pals.
Lottie is the sweatheart from the Sugar Pals bunch. She is the voice of reason when the gang get carried away with their adventures and is always looking out for Gloria's best interest.
This cute candy dog is just here to have a good time. He follows around the rest of the Sugar Pals no matter where they go.
Cheese girl
Cheesegirl is the sporty one from the gang. She is always up for any sort of challenge and is always there to cheer on Gloria whenever possible.
Every gang needs a tough guy in the mix. For the Sugar Pals gang, Moose is the tough guy. His no nonescence attitude is there to keep the rest of them in line, although his antics can sometimes proove to be comical.
Snap is the naugty Sugar Pal in the group. He is always getting into trouble and never seems to learn his mistakes because of his hard headed nature.
Cinty carries herself as the princess of the group. She is obsessed by how pretty she looks and loves grabbing all the attention she can get.
From all the Sugar Pals, Koko is the quiet one. He usually keeps to himself and rarely utters out a word. But inspite of all that he still knows how to have fun with Gloria and the others.