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Company Background

Backbone Entertainment – Consist of multi-talented and international team of producers, directors, designers, artists and animators.

The studio creates awesome animation in 2D and 3D animation, Commercials, Films, Corporate Videos and Architectural Walkthrough. Backbone Entertainment constantly keeps up with new technologies in animation in order to provide the best animation services to each of our clients.

It all begins in 1994 with a bold step by Backbone Entertainment into the exciting world of computer graphics-2D/3D animation. 3D animation at that time was made popular by George Lucas's Star Wars movie and Lucas Film. Inspired and with diligent, Backbone Entertainment produced animation for television commercials, sports and news 3D graphics, 3D corporate video and even virtual architectural walk through. Backbone Entertainment's established a strong reputation of providing innovative creative solution and “out of this world” impactful 3D visual graphics, which not only appeal to the local but also across the Asia region.

Backbone Entertainment with MSC Status entered the realm of computer graphics in 1994... a time when 3D animation in Malaysia was as familiar as rocket science but nevertheless... exciting. Backbone entertainment is currently one of the notable pioneers of Animation and Multimedia studio in Malaysia. It is no mean feat but we have persevered and carved our milestone.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Backbone grew as the industry proliferates and earned herself a solid reputation within the animation and visual effect community. Backbone appeals to those in need of creative solutions and visual breakthroughs... both local and overseas. From Content Developments to Animation Productions, our vast portfolio to-date includes television commercial graphics. 2D and 3D animated series, corporate video and architectural walkthroughs.

Animation industry is ever-evolving with a growth spurt that rivals a splitting amoeba. Our goal is to establish BACKBONE ENTERTAINMENT as a world-class studio, largely due to the passion and creativity of our animators. We are confident we are able to achieve this. We have built a network of happy clients who have stayed with us, because they really believe that we are delivering the highest quality of work at the greatest value in the industry.

BACKBONE ENTERTAINMENT rocks the world with refreshing ideas. We change ideas to reality. We can support any animation projects from concept to completion. Animation is the buzzword of the future. And we aspire to touch the hearts and minds of millions of people through this medium. No less.